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how to get ripped six pack abs:

In this video from Hollywood Hills, fitness model Troy Adashun shows you a top secret Hollywood ab workout for men. It is no secret that many of Hollywood’s leading men take part in some of the best ab workouts for men. The Hollywood ab workout routine combines an array of abdominal sculpting exercises that target the lower, mid, and upper abdominals while giving you well defined obliques.

While many of the good ab workouts hit the middle part of the abdominals hard, this is the best ab workout for men because it hits every section of your abdominals. Most men struggle with their lower abdominals –so the Hollywood ab workout routine will emphasize your lower abdominals and sculpt your ab muscles with a unique array of exercises.

The entire Hollywood core workout for men will take about 5 minutes, and includes 5 exercises done in a row to stimulate abdominal muscle growth and help you burn fat. This abdominal workout routine should be done 3-4 times per week for maximum results. Your abdominals are an often-used muscle group, and if you want to see serious results you have to work them consistently.

This is the 1st routine in the Hollywood ab workouts for men series. Subscribe to the ScienceOfAbsTV youtube channel for more great ab workout videos — and other great info on how to build lean muscle mass, burn fat, and sculpt six pack abs.



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