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In today’s video Show Up Fitness teaches you how to create a workout plan for beginners EASY. Whether you are at Equinox, Lifetime or 24-hour, you need to think about creative ways to add value as the PERSONAL TRAINER.
If you want to become a successful personal trainer, you need to SHOW UP to one of our 2-month internships in San Diego, Los Angeles, or Austin. We have weekend seminars (Sept 18/19 in Miami & Oct 8/9 in NYC) and we’re ONLINE with daily classes that are recorded. BOOK : HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL PERSONAL TRAINER Need to pass NASM or the CSCS? Use our guides… 👇🏽

Click here to Join our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Show Up Fitness Internship for Strength Coaches, Certified Trainers & Aspiring Trainers! ONLINE Personal Training Internship = 1-1 private Personal Training – Instagram – NASM Study Guide: Schedule a FREE call with Owner Chris Hitchko : to review your fitness journey, certifications, opening a gym or just talk about great whiskeys. This is a collection for people trying to get hired at Equinox / Crunch or any personal training gym: Here is a collection to help you pass the CSCS & become a strength coach NSCA: Show Up Management – WHERE GREAT INFLUENCERS ARE MADE: How to PASS NSCA-CSCS with our CSCS study guide: WATCH MORE SHOW UP FITNESS SANTA MONICA & WEST HOLLYWOOD BENCH PRESS VIDEOS: Beginners workout program: Sample workouts of the week: This is a collection for people wanting to become better trainers and increase their knowledge in anatomy: This is a collection for people trying to become a personal trainer via NASM, NASM tutorials: ABOUT SHOW UP FITNESS & CHRIS HITCHKO: Chris Hitchko BS Kinesiology, CSCS, Teacher of trainers at Show Up Fitness (10 years total, 7 at National Personal Training Institute and 3-years at Show Up Fitness Personal Training Internship.) Show Up Fitness has private personal training studios in West Hollywood, Santa Monica, San Diego. California & Austin Texas. We’ve helped over 1,600 people pass the NASM-CPT with our study guide. You don’t need to read the textbook or read it from cover to cover. Pass the “best” personal training certification and then spend your time learning anatomy, movement, nutrition, programming and training clients to gain experience. The average certified personal trainer gets hired at Equinox, Lifetime Fitness, 24-hour Fitness, Crunch Fitness and quits within 12-months because they don’t understand the business side of training, programming or how to sell. At Show Up Fitness we teach the key movement patterns: Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, Jump, and uni-lateral which translates into the main exercises in the gym: Bench Press, Squat, Deadlift, Military Press, Lunge, Hip Thrust, Pull-Up, Push-Up, Turkish Get-up, and dumbbell rows.

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