Fitness Workout for Women

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Warm up (do this first) –
THEN do this workout 💫
If this feels like too much, do your best and aim to get 60 minutes of movement today.

Welcome to DAY 20! Today I’m taking you through No Squats, Knee-Friendly HIIT Workout. The goal of 20 MINUTE HIIT IT is endurance & speed; moving your body fast over a short period of time, then maintaining that speed over the course of the workout.

Today we’ve got a bunch of low impact high intensity exercises so you can still get in a great workout without knee pain. Because the truth is…YOUR KNEES DON’T NEED TO HURT 🙅‍♀️or wobble…or crackle…or feel sore for days on end after your workout.

Working out should be about honoring your body. Not breaking yourself down, not hurting yourself, or pushing yourself to the point of injury. So today’s workout will not only burn calories, but more importantly it will help you move and feel better in your everyday life!


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