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New York-based personal trainer Morit Summers, NSCA-CPT, is well known in the fitness industry for her inclusive approach to personal training. Summers has recently released her first book, Big & Bold: Strength Training for the Plus-Size Woman, which is comprised of 83 strength training exercises meant for every body, so readers can learn the fundamentals of strength training.

“One of my goals in life is to be able to help people, and so I was like, this [book] is a way to reach a much broader audience,” Summers told POPSUGAR. In an Instagram post, Summers explained that the title of the book reflects her lens as a plus-size woman, but that the exercises and tips within it are meant for everyone.

Summers explained, “so many times as a personal trainer, I’ll have people come in that have said they’ve gone to group fitness classes and they can’t keep up or they get injured,” so she developed this book as a beginner’s guide on the “most important fundamental movements to learn and understand in strength training.” While this book is geared towards strength training, Summers made it clear that these movements can be applied to anyone’s unique fitness journey.

Summers’s fitness journey began at 14 years old. Growing up, she wasn’t a fan of gym class but did enjoy personal training as it was a space in which she didn’t feel like she needed to fit in with her peers. She then took that love of fitness all the way through college, studying kinesiology, to then opening her own gym called Form Fitness.

In her journey toward her life’s goal of helping as many people as she can, Summers has also joined the fitness app Boostcamp. Through this ad-free app, users are able to take classes and follow trainer’s programs at no cost, unless they would like to leave a tip, but it’s not required. Summers has three programs available through the app, two of which are bodyweight and one which is based off of the book — so you’ll need to use dumbbells and kettlebells.

For Summers, being able to offer a free training program is really important to her because the journey of inclusive fitness also includes economic inclusivity. As she mentioned, “training with me is expensive, but this is an opportunity to work with me for free, and I think that’s really important.”

Along with her free offerings through Boostcamp, Summers has also developed a six-move full-body strength training GIF workout exclusively for POPSUGAR. Grab a pair of dumbells and follow along to feel super strong as you complete the supersets, ahead.

Directions: Complete a full-body warmup, then take each of the exercises below in supersets by doing exercises 1A and 1B for two to four sets, then the same with exercises 2A and 2B, then 3A and 3B. Once all three supersets have been completed, be sure to cool down.

1A: Front squat 8-12 2-4
1B: Alternating chest press 8-12 per arm 2-4
2A: Lateral lunge 8-12 per leg 2-4
2B: Alternating shoulder press 8-12 per arm 2-4
3A: Alternating bicep curls 8-12 per arm 2-4
3B: Weighted deadbugs 8-12 per leg 2-4

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