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Peloton has just introduced its first Spanish-speaking instructor, Camila Ramón! Born in Argentina and raised in Miami, Ramón is coming to the bike ready to share her culture, personal journey, and booty-kicking classes with Peloton members.

POPSUGAR had the opportunity to chat with Ramón on how she feels in joining Peloton and all that she’s excited to bring to the bike — including some of the Latinx artists you can expect to hear while you ride with her.

Keep reading to find out more about the former professional dancer who’s ready to bring great music and party-like rides to Peloton ahead of her Spanish-speaking premiere ride tomorrow, Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. ET.

Meet Camila Ramón

POPSUGAR: What does it mean to you to bring Spanish-speaking classes to the bike and to share your culture with Peloton riders?

Camila Ramón: I feel so lucky and honored to be the first Spanish-speaking cycling instructor and to have the opportunity to connect with our community in this way. I personally feel this is a monumental moment for the Latinx community — not because I am teaching in Spanish, but because we get to control the narrative and train for health, happiness, and performance, rather than aesthetic pressures present in our society. I can’t wait to celebrate our members and hopefully inspire other Latinx people to chase after their own dreams, because this definitely is just that for me: my dream. I am so proud to be an immigrant — of my culture and of my roots, and I’m pumped I get to share that with the world.

PS: How do you hope to connect with members of Spanish-speaking Latinx communities?
CR: I will share my personal stories for sure! There is so much that I love about my home country of Argentina, but also so many shared experiences with other cultures that I love having grown up in Miami. I want to celebrate other Latinx and non-Latinx Members and create an inclusive environment that fosters growth and positivity. I also really know how to throw a party.

PS: Will you be including Latinx artists in your class playlists, for both English and Spanish-speaking rides?
CR: Absolutely. Whether I am teaching in English or Spanish, my love for Latinx artists and music does not change!

PS: Who are your favorite Latinx artists to cycle to currently?
CR: Some of my favorites are Bad Bunny, Anitta, Chimbala, Rosalia, Tego Calderon, Nathy Peluso, J Balvin and El Alfa — can we count old school reggaeton as an artist?

PS: Have you thought about leaderboard hashtags for people who will be riding with you?
CR: I haven’t thought about it too much, but I know my #pelatinos will for sure be repping hard on the leaderboard!

If you’re ready to clip in with Ramón, head over to your Peloton bike or the app to schedule your first ride with her on Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. ET.

Image Source: Courtesy of Peloton

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