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If you’re wondering whether therapy is working for you or if the therapist you’re seeing is the right match, check out this TikTok from therapist theshaniproject. I love how she talks to us like a close friend while lying on the floor, and she brings up some important questions to ask yourself: Do you trust them? Do you believe in the alliance? Can you create goals together? And do you feel comfortable sharing your secrets and how you actually feel?

Another key point is when she brings up that you’ll still have bad days and bad sessions — it’s all part of the process. But the most important thing is to trust yourself and to think about if your symptoms or situation have improved. If you went to therapy because you were anxious or depressed, are you able to use the coping skills you’ve learned in therapy, and are you feeling better?

Think about your goals, and talk openly with your therapist about the process. Building that trusting relationship with your therapist takes time, so stick with it, and make sure you’re putting in the work and effort. After watching this video, if you know in your heart that it’s not working, it may be time to break up with your therapist and find a new one.

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