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It’s been 10 years since Breaking Muscle began. When I first started, I wrote about what was interesting to me at the time because I couldn’t find the information anywhere else. I was interested in yoga, CrossFit, Russian kettlebell training, MMA, and then that lead me to weightlifting and gymnastics, but most of the specialist press was about bodybuilding and physique, with very little else. What was interesting to me and Breaking Muscle was niche and difficult to find and definitely not mainstream.

We were not trying to sell a brand or a system. It was always about the science of training, the technique, the programming, and the minds that were shaping the industry. Over 5 million people a month visited the site, hundreds of thousands of them followed us on social media, nearly 2,000 coaches wrote or appeared on our pages, we gave away thousands of training plans, and the site won numerous awards in the industry. I think we found that the mainstream was just as curious and interested as we were in new adventures in strength and conditioning.



Read Saying Goodbye to a Decade of Breaking Muscle at its original source Breaking Muscle:

Products You May Like

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