Fitness Workout for Men

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Samer Delgado @Fitnessblazt Shows You A Full Body Workout To Get You Shredded. Do this routine to build muscle and burn fat with only your bodyweight. Don’t need a gym, can do this at the park.

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The Workout Routine

Warm up:
– Dip walks: forward and back 4x
– Scapula retraction: Hanging: 10-15
– Barstarzz Band Rear Delts Warm Up

Workout: 50-10-50

50: Seconds Dead hang
Harder: Try different Grips
Easier: Barstarzz Bands Assisted

40: Jump squats
Harder: Add Split Jumps
Easier: squat no jump

30: Push ups
Harder: Clapping(on dip bars)
Easier: Incline

20: Burpees
Harder: Add Box Jumps
Easier: Inclined + No Push Ups

10: Chin ups
Harder: L Sit chin ups
Easier: Barstarzz Bands Assisted

10: Pull ups
Harder: Muscle Ups
Easier: Barstarzz Band Assisted

20: Dips
Harder: Russian Dips
Easier: Bench Dips

30: Pike Push Us
Harder: Incline Legs
Easier: On knees

40: Knee Raises
Harder: L Sit Raises
Easier: Barstarzz Band assisted

50: Second Dead hang
Harder: Try different Grips
Easier: Barstarzz Bands Assisted

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Want to know the secrets of mastering your body?
Learn brand new skills?
Get the body you have always desired?
Well you found the right page!
Barstarzz has been bringing daily content via our social media pages on exercise, and fitness using your bodyweight since 2009!
Being the first to provide regular video content on how to learn the moves, the workouts, interviews, motivation, and inspirational content, from industry leaders.
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to get started with Calisthenics?
First I would highly recommend buying a home pull up bar. I left my suggestions down below.
– Portable Pull Up Bar ►
– Pull Up Tower ►

Having a home pull up bar lets you practice more often. For most movements all you need is a sturdy over head bar and the floor. You should also find a park near you if this is possible. Some countries or areas of the world this is not possible. We try to help with our Park Finder.

– Website Park Finder ►

Now that you have a place or places to workout you need to determine your goals. If you want to get more fit. learn a skill, lose fat. Different workout programs are for different goals.

Pick a workout routine that fits your intended goals
– Barstarzz Btx Program ►
– Free Workout Routines ►

I believe it helps to have a community behind you. I would have never gone so far if it wasnt for having the right community to help me grow. We try to help with the following resources.

– Barstarzz BTX Free Facebook Group ►
– Comment our posts with your City / Country
– Use #barstarzz on all social media, and search for people from your town example #barstarzzny

How can I be Barstarzz?
Just start representing and gather friends and family to train. Promote positivity, unity. health, and well being. Represent hard, this can mean however you can think of wether it means through apparel, social media posts, or just being active in your community. Use #barstarzz

What do you use to film?
Panasonic GH4 –
Panosonic GH5

Do you only do bodyweight?
This channel features of variety of people with separate training styles and programs that they run concurrently with Barstarzz training. So the answer is dependent on the person in the video. One thing stays true for all is most of their workout is Calisthenics somewhere near 75%.

Tutorials for your (X) move.
We have done many tutorials over the years, please check this playlist before requesting one if something is missing please specify and we will add it to our list of videos.

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