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The BEST Muscle Building Workout Plan For You (MAXIMUM GAINS!)

What is the very best workout for building muscle in the most efficient way?

While it’s normal for people to want black and white answers to these sorts of questions, the reality when it comes to the “best” muscle building workout plan is that it depends.

Because of factors such as genetics, lifestyle, recovery and nutrition, there is no one single BEST bodybuilding workout routine for every single person.

Yes, there are certain fundamentals everyone should have in place when it comes to proper training intensity, volume, frequency, exercise selection etc, but as long as there aren’t any obvious glaring errors with your muscle gain workout plan, the only way to know if one program is superior to the other is to test it out for yourself.

For example, there’s no way to know whether 3 workouts per week vs. 4, or 8 weekly sets for your chest vs. 12, or training arms 1.5 times a week versus 2 is superior for building muscle until you put it into action in the real world.

How exactly do you know whether one approach is better than the other in order to find the very best muscle building workout plan for you as an individual?

Since muscle growth is a very slow and gradual process in the short term, it can be hard to gauge this based on actual changes in lean mass.

Instead, you should base it on your changes in training performance.

Progressive overload is the ultimate bottom line when it comes to building muscle, and so whatever program maximizes the rate of progressive overload will be the best workout to build muscle as well.

If you test one bodybuilding program out and it produces faster strength gains than the previous plan you were on, you can be reasonably assured that that will be the better plan for inducing hypertrophy.

In a nutshell, that’s the most reliable way to find the best workout for muscle growth for yourself. It’s whatever training system produces the most efficient increases in lifting performance, since size and strength are for the most part directly correlated.

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