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In this video we talk about BODY TRANSFORMATION WITH LOW COST DIET AND WORKOUT PLAN :The guide. I am a certified fitness nutritionist. hope this video helps a lot of you.

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🟥 Incline db benchpress-3 sets-6 to 8 reps

🟥seated shoulder press machine-3 sets-8 to 12 reps

🟥pec fly-3 sets-10 to 12 reps

🟥side lateral raises-3 sets-10 to 12 reps

🟥high pulley crossover-3 sets-10 to 12 reps

🟥reverse pec fly-3 sets-12 to 15 reps

🟥rope crunch-3 sets-10 to 12 reps

🟥hanging leg raises-3 sets-10 to 12 reps

🟥latpull down-4sets-10 to 12reps

🟥seated row-4sets-10 to 15reps

🟥single arm row-2sets-8 to 12reps

🟥ez-barcurls-3sets-10 to 15reps

🟥concentration curls-3sets-10 to 15reps

🟥bayseian curls-3sets-10 to 20reps


🟥Db forearm curls-3sets-10 to 20reps
🟥Db forearm extension-3sets-10 to 15reps


🟥leg press-3sets-8 to 10 reps

🟥close grip bench press-3sets-6 to 8 reps

🟥leg extension-3sets-10 to 20 reps

🟥tricep pushdown-3sets-10 to 20 reps

🟥hamstring curls-3sets-10 to 15 reps

🟥benchdips-3sets-10 to 20 reps

🟥calfraises-4sets-15 to 25 reps

(You can do this split for 3 days, then take an off day and repeat)

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