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FULL BODY HOME WORKOUT | Side Step Burpees | Kettlebell Reverse Crunches
Join Ed Huffman Fitness on this awesome full body home workout. All you need is a kettlebell and yourself! This video will consist of kettlebell swings and calisthenics / bodyweight exercises!
This workout is excellent for burning fat, burining calories, losing weight, Increasing STRENGTH and CONDITIONING … and EPIC for increasing STRENGTH ENDURANCE

5 SETS of 10 REPS
Sidestep Burpees ( Side Step Burpees ) Inspired by Moses Cuevas
Triangle Pushups
Kettlebell Goblet Squats
Kettlebell Curls
Kettlebell Tricep Extensions
Kettlebell Reverse Crunches

Please Enjoy This Free Workout Video

*Make sure you check out MOSES CUEVAS Youtube channel … he has a lot of great workouts and is very motivational and inspiring… Definitely one of my favorite channels! @MOSES CUEVAS

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