Fitness Workout for Men

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बाइसेप्स ट्राइसेप्स बड़े करें | Biceps & Triceps Workout for Bigger Arms | How to build biceps fast | Gym

Hello friends,
Aaj mein aapke liye laya hu arms workout. Jisme hum ek hi din mein biceps aur triceps ko train krenge

Arms workout :
1. Superset
a) Barbell curl
b) Skull crusher
2. Superset
a) Hammer curl
b) Dumbbell overhead extension
3. Superset
a) Preacher curl
b) Rope overhead extension
4. Superset
a) Dumbbell curl
b) Triceps pushdown
5. Superset
a) Reverse barbell curl
b) Diamond pushup


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