Quick Fitness Workout

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1. 30 Exercises performed all in a row
2. 1 set of each exercise
3. 20 sec on // 10 sec off
4. Duration: 18:10

1. Butt Kickers
2. Lat Lunge w Hop – L
3. Lat Lunge w Hop – R
4. Plank Jacks
5. Bicycle Crunches
6. Leg Lifts
7. Burpees No Push-Ups
8. Run In Place
9. Punch Out Hops
10. Skip Hops
11. 90 Degree Squat Hops
12. Mtn Climber Burpees
13. X Hops
14. Step Outs
15. Jumping Jacks
16. In & Out Squat hops
17. Plank Jack Burpees
18. Skater hops
19. Knee To Elbow
20. Crunches
21. Power push-Ups
22. Flutter kicks
23. Burpees
24. Thai Knees
25. Lunge, Lunge, Squat
26. Reverse Crunches
27. Plank Reach Through – L
28. Plank Reach Through – R
29. Lateral Hops
30. Scissor Jacks

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