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If you want a full body home workout you can do with no equipment in just 10 minutes, then this is the video you have been waiting for. Here, I’m going to show you how to train your total body with just 10 exercises without needing a full gym to do it. We’re going to hit the back, chest, shoulders, legs, abs, low back and arms. That said, let’s start breaking down how to perform the home workout.

First, you are only going to need a limited amount of space to perform this. A mat will make the floor exercises more comfortable but it is not required. There is no equipment needed for any other part of this routine.

Everyone can perform this full body home workout. That means, beginners, intermediates and advanced can all benefit from this total body workout. The difference between the groups is going to be the time that you perform each of the exercises and the number of times that you complete the circuit.

Beginners will perform each move for 15 seconds and will then rest for the balance of the 30 seconds.

Intermediates will perform each exercise for 20 seconds and will then rest for the balance of the 30 seconds

Advanced trainees will perform each exercise for 25 seconds and keep their rest to just 5 seconds before moving onto the next exercise.

The entire round will take 5 minutes to perform. Beginners will perform it once unless they feel like attempting a second round. Intermediates will perform this entire full body workout for 2 rounds and the most advanced will perform a third round if able. This will bring the total workout time to anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes depending on your ability level.

Here is how this full body home workout breaks down:

Min 1: Ratchet Squats (legs)
Min 2: Shoulder Tap Pike Pushups (shoulders and chest)
Min 3: Power Ups (abs)
Min 4: Pounding Trunk Lifts (triceps and back)
Min 5: Bridge Reach Overs (glutes)
Min 6: Tricep Toe Taps (triceps)
Min 7: Angels and Devils (low back)
Min 8: Pushup Toe Taps (chest and abs)
Min 9: Squat Burpees (legs)
Min 10: Standing Ab Twists (abs and obliques)

If for some reason you are unable to perform the movement for the allotted time during any round of the workout, just go for as long as you can and take the additional time to rest. The exercises in this total body home workout come fast and furious. The extra rest is going to give you a chance to catch your breath since the cumulative effect this workout may have on you is going to give you a conditioning benefit as well.

This is an example of a routine that can easily be performed at home without equipment. It is not the most challenging in terms of the exercise selection but it does do a great job of hitting all of the major muscle groups in a short period of time. You can dramatically increase the intensity of the exercise itself by choosing more difficult exercises.

We have a complete bodyweight workout program that does just that called XERO. This 6 week calisthenic workout plan is effective at building muscle without any equipment at all. You can stack exercises together and do them in a way that not only overloads the muscles within a given workout but also allows for progressive overload between workouts. Remember, when trying to get in shape and build muscle you have to have a workout plan that allows for resistance. That resistance however does not have to come in the form of weights or dumbbells.

If you’re looking for this bodyweight workout for full body, you can find it at via the link below. Use the program selector to find other programs that allow for just dumbbells or even limited home gym equipment. No matter what you choose, you can start with this full body home workout in order to see just how quickly you can get in a good workout if it is structured properly.

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