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GHN is a channel for exercise brain breaks and movement activities. These activities are designed to be quick breaks with no equipment needed. This includes: PE at home, would you rather workouts, would you rather kids, would you rather exercise brain break, would you rather brain break, would you rather workout, would you rather PE, would you rather exercise, brain break for kids, brain break dance, brain break exercise, brain breaks for kindergarten, brain break, brain break go noodle exercise, brain break would you rather, brain break exercise, brain break this or that, brain break chase, movement activity for kids, movement activity for preschoolers, movement activity for 1st grade, movement activity for kindergarten, movement activity ideas, movement activity for the classroom.

Welcome to Generation healthy Brain Break channel where we create classroom exercises and movement activities for the classroom. If you are looking for physical education videos, themed videos (like Among us or Roblox), would you rather, this or that and choosing brain breaks, this channel is for you. The motto for Generation Healthy is to help teachers, home schools and families infuse physical activity in their day.

Do you have energetic kids in the classroom? Are looking for an alternative to Go Noodle? Do your kids have limited space? Do you love Jack Hartmann or level up games? Do you love Chase games with Coach Corey Martin? Whether you are a physical education or a classroom teacher or looking for inspired videos, you will not be disappointed.

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If you have any Brain Break request feel free to let me know in the comments or on social media. The Instagram and Facebook handles are @generationhealthy21 Twitter: @GenHealthy21

Thanks to Carl Angelo for his after effects timer.
***We do not claim to own any image used in this video.***

Thank you for visiting the “GHN” channel and I hope you enjoy the activities for a long time to come!

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