Fitness Workout for Men

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Week 1 Tips

  1. Beginners-
    Your goal is to take the challenge on. Don’t set limits for yourself, your goal is to get the work done. Next time you show up for this test start to set goals.

  2. Intermediate-
    You have been training for a few years, you know your way around the gym. Now it’s time to set the tone for what your year is going to look like. Hit these tests hard, take notes on how you felt and performed then make a plan for how you can transform yourself into a beast.

  3. Advanced-
    You are one of the fittest people on your gym, maybe the fittest person in your surrounding area. This test is perfect for you, it’s exactly what you need to fully test the hard work you have been putting in. Your goal is to max out each test with every fiber in your body! Watch some motivational content before you go in, set some personal records, let the world see what you’re made of!

Build Your Body Challenge 2022

Our coaches will drop a video each week on social media with all the details on the challenge. Your mission is to take them on, crush it and show off your gains to all your friends and family on social media using #BBCOMCHALLENGE2022. Participate in all four weeks of the challenge and earn a chance to win $10,000. Get ready to sweat, our coaches are going to bring their A-game, so you better bring yours! Start now!

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