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The 34th Year of the Arnold Classic has turned out to be successful thus far. Larger crowds and a much bigger expo than the last couple of years has showed that consumer confidence is back. This is my 18th year attending and the weather seems to be much nicer than years past which is a welcomed addition. 

Men’s Open Prejudging

The Open Men’s pre-judging took place in the Ballroom of the Columbus Convention Center which delivered as promised.

During the first callout, the favorite and previous winner of the Arnold and Mr. Olympia, Brandon Curry, was placed front and center but he was soon replaced by another previous Arnold Classic champion Willian Bonac.

Arnold Classic 2022 - Mens Prejudging

Arnold Classic 2022 – Men’s Prejudging

William was in the best shape we have seen him in the last couple of years while Brandon looked softer and smaller.

Steve Kuclo and Justin Rodriguez look to be battling for 3rd as we go into the Saturday night finals.

Anything can happen between the pre-judging and finals but it looks like another title will be handed to William ‘the conquer’ Bonac

Arnold Classic 2022 - Mens Prejudging - William Bonac

Arnold Classic 2022 – Men’s Prejudging – William Bonac

Arnold was on hand to speak to each of the winners and it seemed obvious that he was happy to see the sold out Arnold Classic crowd in full attendance. 

Figure International

The current Olympia Champion, Cidney Gillon, came in perfect condition with flawless balance and symmetry to take home her second title. She was the clear favorite and winner while her two closest favored rival Jessica Reyes-Padilla was happy to get second.

Arnold Classic 2022 Figure International

Arnold Classic 2022 Figure International

  1. Cydney Gillon, $16,000
  2. Jessica Reyes-Padilla, $10,000
  3. Lola Montez, $8,000
  4. Nicole Zenobia Graham, $5,000
  5. Natalya Soltero, $3,000
  6. Bojana Vasiljevic, $2,000
  7. Latoya Farley
  8. Larhannah Robinson
  9. An Da Jeong
  10. Wendy Fortino

Fitness International

The returning champ Missy Truscott came out donning boxing garb — a clear message that she was hellbent on defending her title after losing the Fitness Olympia title in October to new champion Whitney Jones. However, Ariel Khadr stood in her way.

Arnold Classic 2022 - Fitness International - Ariel Khadr

Arnold Classic 2022 – Fitness International – Ariel Khadr

Khadr’s routine paid tribute to the contest’s namesake as she wore a Terminator-like outfit and performed her routine to music from the movie’s soundtrack. This is Khadr’s first ever Arnold title. 

Arnold Classic 2022 - Fitness International - Ariel Khadr

Arnold Classic 2022 – Fitness International – Ariel Khadr

The reigning Champion in Missy Truscott came in looking large but a little softer than her closest rivals. Her routine was very powerful but Ariel Khader who performed a Terminator routine was fast, punctual in her performance and looked in great condition took the Fitness International crown

  1. Ariel Khadr, $25,000
  2. Missy Truscott, $13,000
  3. Jaclyn Baker, $8,000
  4. Kate Errington, $5,000
  5. Tamara Vahn, $3,000
  6. Allison Kramer
  7. Minna Pajulahti
  8. Aurika Tyrgale
  9. Sara Kovack
  10. Amanda Ciani

Classic Physique

The classic Physique saw Terrence Ruffin win his second Arnold title, but it was Roman Rocha Querioz who pushed Terrence to the line – the win could’ve gone either way, it was that close.

The young and rising talent of Urs Kalecinski took out third while one of the favorites and former Olympia champion was much softer and flatter than expected, took home fourth in defeat.

  1. Terrence Ruffin, $60,000*
  2. Roman Rocha Queiroz, $30,000
  3. Urs Kalecinski, $20,000
  4. Breon Ansley, $7,000
  5. Michael Daboul, $4,000
  6. Peter Molnar, $2,000
  7. Divine Wilson
  8. Darwin Uribe 
  9. Lenny Wicks

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