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How To Make Cardio More Tolerable If You Can’t Stand It

Cardio. It’s a stress reliever for some and a crippling punch in the gut for others. While some may find pleasure from pushing their bodies to the point of exhaustion, there is a large portion of people that would sooner swim with sharks.

How To Make Cardio More Tolerable

But it doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds. There are plenty of ways to make cardio more tolerable if you aren’t the biggest fan. Try these tips out to see if it makes the experience better!

Find a Distraction

One way to make cardio more digestible is to multitask while you’re doing it. This might mean listening to music or a podcast while you’re out on a run, propping your phone up on the treadmill to catch up on your favorite show or watch some Youtube, or even bringing a book along as you walk on the treadmill or cycle on an elliptical.

Whatever you need to do to distract yourself and dive into something more enjoyable at the same time, the easier cardio will become.

Learn to Walk Before You RunHow To Make Cardio More Tolerable If You Can’t Stand It 2

Just because you’ve decided to start doing cardio doesn’t mean you have to start three-mile jogs right off the bat. If you’re new to cardio, it might benefit you to start by going on walks or going on leisurely bike rides through the park.

Then once you’ve gotten more comfortable and have built up some endurance, you can start jogging, eventually running, and so much more!

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Cardio is hard enough without wearing uncomfortable clothing in the process. You want clothing that allows you to breathe, will not cause you to overheat, and will give you the ability to comfortably do your workout with each step.

You want to avoid constrictive clothing or tight shoes, which could cause you to develop blisters or even bunions. In this case, minimally invasive surgery is the only viable remedy, not short-term orthotics or mythical solutions like laser bunion removal. The best way to prevent these entirely is to dress appropriately when you’re working out.

Spread Your Wings

Not everybody enjoys running on a treadmill for thirty minutes at a time, which can lead to burnout and is mostly unenjoyable.

Instead, find a bunch of different ways to get your daily dose of cardio in, such as swimming, going on hikes, trying out different cardio machines in the gym besides the standard treadmill, jump rope, dancing, or just about anything else you can think of! It’s important to find a form of cardio that works for you.

Ready to Get That Heart Pumping?

Cardio definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but by following these tips, you can not only make it more manageable but possibly even enjoyable!

Regardless of whether you need to be watching your show or even if you need somebody else to join you, cardio is an important part of staying healthy that you should implement into your daily routine.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

How To Make Cardio More Tolerable If You Can’t Stand It

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