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Every afternoon, I reach a point when my anxiety starts to simmer, my focus starts to wane, and my brain is more interested in staring out the window than thinking, working, or doing anything at all. A few activities help me push past this stage, like going on a walk, making lunch, or (in dire circumstances) taking a quick nap, but recently, I tried a new one: drinking a Goldthread tonic ($28 for a six-pack). You can sip these healthy, plant-based drinks warm or cold (I opted for cold), and they’re advertised as antioxidant-rich, refreshing, and full of herbs and zero-calorie sweetener.

Goldthread Plant-Based Tonics Details and Flavors

So what about the flavors? The brand sent me a sample pack of Berry Power, Japanese Matcha, Mint Condition, Hawaiian Ginger, Turmeric Radiance, and Green Minerals. I thought each offered the right amount of sweetness and herby richness, coupled with various health benefits. Overall, Goldthread says each of its tonics is “specially formulated for a specific set of benefits, from immune function to energy without the crash.” Some tonics “promote mental clarity,” while others are formulated for specific physical goals. Turmeric Radiance, for example, is billed for metabolism activation and digestion; Green Minerals is all about supporting hair, skin, and nail health, according to Goldthread.

My Goldthread Tonics Review

My personal favorite tonic was Mint Condition. It managed to be simultaneously refreshing and relaxing, and the taste was crisp and just a little bit sweet. I felt more alert and less anxious after drinking it, which matched up with the drink’s intended goals: to “enhance mental clarity” while simultaneously promoting a “natural calm.” Even the light blue color of the drink contributed to its overall calming effect. I immediately wanted another.

All in all, these drinks were calming and grounding; they were pleasant to sip on, causing relaxing, refreshing sensations afterward. They’re a good choice for anyone looking for an afternoon pick-me-up that’s a little crisper and tastier than a tea and without the sugar or chemicals of an energy drink or soda. (All of Goldthread’s ingredients are simple and natural.)

Where to Buy Goldthread Tonics

You can order Goldthread tonics online now, either in a six-pack of a particular flavor or in a variety pack. You can also buy them in select Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Publix locations in the United States. Sip away.

Image Source: Goldthread

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