Quick Fitness Workout

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How about we start this new week with this new amazing morning workout for kids, that can be done every day?

In this very quick routine, the little ones will work on their mobility, performing a few stretching exercises so that they can awaken their bodies, making it already generate plenty of energy to be spend throughout the day!

Let’s get the kids and start this new workout! 💪


00:00 Back Turns
00:54 Rest
01:11 Diagonal Abs Left
01:44 Diagonal Abs Right
02:18 Rest
02:35 Hip Swirls
03:29 Rest
03:46 Torso Rotation
04:44 Rest
05:02 The Windmill
06:00 Rest
06:17 Walk Downs
07:15 Rest
07:33 Swing Backs
08:30 Rest
08:47 T Plank

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