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The Importance And Benefits Of Accurate Measuring The Load Velocity Movement

Velocity Based Training (VBT) has proved to be a handy modern approach for strength and power development in training sessions. Whether you’re a coach or fitness professional, VBT can help you promote performance improvement in a record time.

Measuring The Load Velocity Movement

However, if you need impressive results from your Load Velocity Training, you should use reliable VBT devices.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go far looking for suitable devices. With the Vitruve VBT device, you can rest assured to use devices that get the job done accurately.

You can use accelerometers or linear position transducers to measure load velocity movement during an exercise accurately. Here, we’ll look into the benefits of using VBT devices during training sessions. Ready? Let’s get rolling.

Monitor Progress Over TimeThe Importance And Benefits Of Accurate Measuring The Load Velocity Movement 2

You can use a VBT device to monitor Load Velocity Training over time. The device records the results of every session and uses the data collected to show each athlete’s progress. You can set timely objectives and monitor the progress.

If an athlete lags on a certain quality, a coach can easily monitor and schedule for collection. As a coach, you can constantly nurture your athletes’ development by adapting the training sessions in a way that encourages them to work towards achieving their objectives.

Provides Real-Time Feedback

For coaches to enhance training performance, they should always provide helpful feedback. But relying on what you see from your athletes and providing verbal feedback may not improve the overall performance.

Using VBT devices to measure load velocity movement can allow you to set targets for your athletes and know if they’ve succeeded or failed. Also, you can use the live leaderboards to show the live results of each athlete and enhance team competition. Your athlete will always train efficiently to generate positive results.

Ability to Manage Fatigue

A coach should determine the number of reps his athletes should complete before fatigue accumulates. Remember that velocity tends to decrease when fatigue accumulates. To allow for effective training, you can rely on the VBT device to control and manage your athletes’ fatigue.

Additionally, the device can help you customize the training to match your athletes’ situations. The thing is, athletes have biological variations such as different muscle fiber makeup. As a result, you can set various targets depending on their endurance levels.

Cater for Multiple Athletes

You’ll love a VBT device how it makes your work easier as a coach. If you’re dealing with many athletes, you can use the device to train them all simultaneously.

The device will allow you to monitor progress, manage fatigue and provide reliable feedback for each athlete. You can also use it to set different objectives for various athletes and customize training sessions to match their situations.


You can now strengthen and measure your training sessions to improve performance with accuracy. While there are several VBT devices in the market, you can choose one that’s efficient and affordable.

With the Vitruve VBT device, you can invigorate your training sessions and achieve the desired objectives within the set time.

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The Importance And Benefits Of Accurate Measuring The Load Velocity Movement

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