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Today I’ll be sharing with you the plan I’ll be using to stay in shape for the next 1,5 months. It’s a Full-Week Strength & Conditioning Bodyweight Routine that you can do in Less Than 30′ Per Day. As the summer ends and fall begins, I’ll start making my workouts more challenging again using this plan as the foundation.

You can use this plan as an intermediate to get in shape or as maintenance I you’re more advanced.


– Done in less than 30’
– Three different workout plans
– Train the whole body
– No special equipment required (equipment-free alternatives provided)

The weekly training plan consists of three different workouts – Workout A, Workout B and workout C. Each of these are done twice a week. So, in total you’re training six times per seven days which is mostly every day of the week with one day of complete rest that I like to have on Sundays.

For Workouts A & B, go for 3 rounds in total. Do as many quality reps as you can do with 12-15″ of rest in between each exercise. After each round you can rest 3-5 minutes.

1. Jump rope (or your heart-rate starter of choice)
2. Pull-ups
3. Wall sit (one leg)
4. Push ups
5. Hollow Body

1. Hill sprints
2. Dips
3. Jumps / Plyo burpees / Plyo-lunges
4. Rows
5. Pick & Twist Plank

Detailed tutorial on how to train on Sprint-days over here:

• For complete beginners, checkout my free beginner’s guides:
• No pull-up bar/rings or dip station? Or maybe you simply can’t do pull-ups or inverted rows? No problem, check this exercise out for the back (no equipment necessary)
• Pick & Twist Plank
• Not a fan of vertical Jumps? Try plyo-lunges or plyo-burpees instead:
• My favorite Jump rope:
• Recommended Gymnastic Rings ◎◎:

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All information in this YouTube channel is presented with good intentions. You must always consult your physician prior to starting any exercise/diet program, especially if you have any medical condition or injury that contraindicates physical activity. All forms of exercise pose some inherent risks. You must take full responsibility for your safety and know your limits. Before practicing the exercises in this book, make sure that any kind of equipment or surface you train on is well maintained. Do not take risks beyond your level of experience, aptitude, training and fitness. If you experience any acute or chronic pain, consult a physician. This publication is intended for informational use only and I will not assume any liability or be held responsible for any form of injury by the utilisation of this information.

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