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Transform your body in 90 days, win $10,000… his results are mind blowing
Start Your Own 90 Day Journey:

Someone commented that my camera man was weak as s#!t, so I challenged him, for what turned out to be a $10,000 money prize…
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More info about his 90-day body transformation:
He is doing 3 full-body workouts per week, combined with a few challenges that take a few minutes each. The workouts are quite easy to fit into a schedule since they’re 1h-1.5h long.
He is following the 90-day challenge course and only that. His diet consists of ‘The Shredded Diet’ and yes: dinner that his mom makes 🙂

Episode 1:
He Felt Weak, So I Transformed Him in 30 Days

His transformation and results are amazing. As you can see he really put in the work!
But also his physique on day 90 clearly looks completely different as soon as he walks in.
All those shots are shot in similar lighting conditions: such as the measurements shots, same applies to the last before and after shot.
To motivate him even more and show him the progress, we hired a pro photographer!
Huge shout out to Lennard for the amazing hard work and consistent following of the 90-day challenge course!

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