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Look, we’re big fans of Chris Hemsworth workouts over here, but we’ll admit that they’re not always accessible for the average fitness fan. Maybe you have a few dumbbells at your disposal, but things like battle ropes, medicine balls, and sleds (the weighted kind, not the “slide down a snowy hill” kind) aren’t so easy to come by when you’re not a famously fit celebrity with a tricked-out home gym. That’s why we were excited to see Hemsworth post a bodyweight workout that features no equipment whatsoever but still looks like a challenge worthy of Thor himself.

The workout is a solid combination of cardio- and strength-focused moves, structured in a superset format. In this workout, each superset consists of two moves, done back-to-back, that target different muscle groups. You’ll do 50 seconds of exercise (30 seconds of the first exercise, 20 seconds of the second), followed by a 20-second rest, and then you’ll move on to the next superset. The interval format allows you to increase your heart rate during the work, bring it back down during the rest, and pump it up once again in the next interval. Translation: you’re going to get really, really sweaty.

Here’s the full bodyweight workout from Chris Hemsworth and his fitness app, Centr:

Since this is a high-intensity workout, it’s a good idea to do a dynamic warmup beforehand. When you’re done, don’t forget to cool down and stretch.

You can repeat the entire circuit for up to four rounds (for a total of 26 minutes), but if you’re a beginner or short on time, you can certainly decrease the number of rounds. (If you’re new to this style of training, you may want to increase the rest time as well.) There are a lot of jumping and high-impact moves in this workout, so don’t hesitate to modify exercises when you need to; you could do alternating reverse lunges instead of jump lunges, for example, or try a low-impact burpee variation.

However you approach this workout, you can expect to be dripping sweat by the end. Leave your dumbbells where you are, grab some water, and get ready to work hard with the god of thunder (or should we say love and thunder?).

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